giovedì, dicembre 29, 2016

Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window

For two years, criminals stole sensitive information using malware hidden in individual pixels of ad banners

TalkTalk and Post Office routers hit by cyber-attack - BBC News

New Mirai Worm Knocks 900K Germans Offline — Krebs on Security

Come violare 18app per avere il Bonus Cultura infinito (responsible disclosure)

Hackers stole Tesla car using App

Vulnerabilities in McAfee enterprise system gives hacker root access

Venezuelan Army Website Hacked, Details of 3,000 Accounts Exposed

Russian central bank, private banks lose $31 mln in cyber attacks

PayPal proffers patch for OAuth app hack hole

Hackers Are Trading Hundreds of Thousands of xHamster Porn Account Details

Saudi Arabia Has Just Suffered a Series of Major Cyber Hack Attacks

SF’s Transit Hack Could’ve Been Way Worse—And Cities Need to Get Ready

Hackers accessed personal data of 130.000 US Navy Sailors

Switcher: Android joins the ‘attack-the-router’ club - Securelist

giovedì, ottobre 20, 2016

VESK coughs up £18k in ransomware attack • The Register

And! it! begins! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts! • The Register

College student hacked college system to change grades - E Hacker News

D-Link DWR-932 B owner? Trash it, says security bug-hunter • The Register

152k cameras in 990Gbps record-breaking dual DDoS • The Register

Source code unleashed for junk-blasting Internet of Things botnet • The Register

Internet of Things comes back to bite us as hackers spread botnet code

Attenzione al virus che arriva come messaggio di Facebook | Computerworld

Revealed: How one Amazon Kindle scam made millions of dollars | ZDNet

Let's not meet up with JPEG 2000 – researchers find security hole in image codec • The Register

TalkTalk fined £400K for mistakes that led to 2015 hack

These diabetes pumps obey unencrypted radio commands – which is, frankly, f*%king stupid • The Register

Mac malware lies in wait for YOU to start a vid sesh... • The Register

Malware diffusi tramite gli avvisi pubblicitari di Spotify su PC e Mac -

Amazon finds cache of reused passwords: change yours now! Naked Security

NHS attacked by ransomware 'dozens' of times - SC Magazine UK

Four vulnerabilities found in Dell SonicWALL Email Security virtual appliance application - Help Net Security

Personal info on more than 58 million people spills onto the web from data slurp biz • The Register

Outlook-on-Android alternative 'Nine' leaked Exchange Server creds • The Register

Audit sees VeraCrypt kill critical password recovery, cipher flaws • The Register

Oracle puts out 253 fixes and a request to please apply patches NOW! Naked Security

33 million CLEARTEXT creds for Russian IM site dumped by chap behind Last.FM mess • The Register

Peccant pwners post 670,000 Pokémon punter MD5 passwords • The Register

Queensland TAFE suffers security breach, student data accessed | Delimiter

Logins for US Navy, NASA's JPL among US gov logins sold on deepweb • The Register

IP telephony biz VoIPtalk quietly admits to possible data breach • The Register

Researcher reports XSS hole in Google France • The Register

Cisco drops patch for nasty WebEx remote code execution hole • The Register

FBI investigating City Hall 'ransomware' attack - News - Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota, FL

Medical device cyber attacks on rise - E Hacker News

Going, going, done: Trio of prolific auction fraud fraudsters jailed • The Register

Mobile review website MoDaCo coughs to data breach • The Register

Police: Student hacks into Kennesaw State's system changes grades steals personal data - Story | WAGA

Maker of smart vibrator sued for snooping on customers use Naked Security

Security Advisories Relating to Symantec Products - Symantec Decomposer Engine Security Update - 2016-09-19T02:37:38 PDT| Symantec

BT's Wi-Fi Extender works great – at extending your password to hackers • The Register

Greybeards beware: Hair dye for blokes outfit Just For Men served trojan • The Register

Victoria Police warn of malware-laden USB sticks in letterboxes • The Register

Pramworld admits mailing list breach • The Register

Which voting machines can be hacked through the Internet?

Mozilla wants woeful WoSign certs off the list • The Register

Patch AGAIN: OpenSSL security fixes now need their own security fixes

4.5 million web servers have private keys that are publicly known! Naked Security

Microsoft Patches Zero Day Flaw Used In Two Massive Malvertising Campaigns

Indonesian arrested for playing porn on public billboard - E Hacker News

Hacked Republican website skimmed donor credit cards for 6 months

Netflix reminds password re-users to run a reset

Cybercrime, Roma tra le città con più 'computer zombie'

Flaw in Intel chips could make malware attacks more potent

venerdì, agosto 12, 2016

We watched RedTeam Security hack into a power company

Gorizia, hacker nel server scolastico. E i “4” sono diventati “10”
- Cronaca - Il Piccolo

Issue 820 - project-zero - Symantec/Norton Antivirus ASPack Remote Heap/Pool memory corruption Vulnerability CVE-2016-2208 - Monorail

Celebrity gossip site serves up malicious ads to its visitors

High-Severity OpenSSL Vulnerability allows Hackers to Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

Dental Assn Mails Malware to Members — Krebs on Security

The Vigilante Who Hacked Hacking Team Explains How He Did It | Motherboard

Hijacking the PC Update Process - Schneier on Security

uTorrent Forums Hacked, Passwords Compromised - TorrentFreak

Wi-Fi hack disables Mitsubishi Outlander's theft alarm – white hats • The Register

$587.24 – Your Bitcoin Wallet May Be At Risk: Safenet HSM Key-Extraction Vulnerability – Gemini

Slicing Into a Point-of-Sale Botnet — Krebs on Security

Shriram Life Insurance Servers Hacked? - InfoRiskToday

25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet • The Register

South African ISP suffers massive password leak online

Kiwis hack into cyber sex toys, reveal frisky risks

Hacking Your Computer Monitor - Schneier on Security